The meals prepared by volunteers nourished our souls in the way only food prepared with love can.

Cooks for Kids

The Cooks for Kids (CFK) meal program is a great way for volunteer groups to directly support RMH families.


With THREE OPTIONS, there is more flexibility than ever before:


Make a financial donation and prepare a meal planned by us

The Fresh FamFare team at RMH plans weekly menus with a focus on nutrition and variety. Ingredients and workstations will be ready to go upon your group’s arrival.



Purchase your own ingredients for a meal and make it on-site

Make your favorite dishes for RMH families! You’ll be asked to submit a menu 10 days before your scheduled meal.



Bring or deliver a catered meal

From pizza to sandwiches and everything in between, RMH staff can help you choose a restaurant and menu.


Whichever you choose, serving a meal to Ronald McDonald House families is always a fun and meaningful volunteer experience.

Safe Serving at the House that Love Built


The meals prepared by volunteers nourished our souls in the way only food prepared with love can.

Mother of a child hospitalized at Children's Minnesota, Minneapolis

To get started:


Determine location to serve

Decide which RMH location is best based on the size of your group.


Scroll down to calendar and “Sign Up”

Scroll down to access calendars and click “Sign Up” on your preferred location’s calendar.


Indicate how you'll serve

You will be asked when you sign up if you’d like to sponsor an RMH-planned meal, purchase ingredients and make your own meal, or cater a meal.

Our Five Minnesota Locations

Up to 8 volunteers
Ronald McDonald House
Oak Street, Mpls
Near the U of MN Campus
Ronald McDonald House on Oak Street kitchen

621 Oak St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Parking and Arrival Instructions

Up to 6 volunteers
Ronald McDonald House
Children's MN, Mpls
On the hospital's third floor
Ronald McDonald House in Children's MN Mpls kitchen

2525 Chicago Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Parking and Arrival Instructions

Up to 6 volunteers
Ronald McDonald Family Room
Gillette, St. Paul
Inside Region's Hospital
Ronald McDonald Family Room in Gillette kitchen

640 Jackson St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Parking and Arrival Instructions

Catering only at this time
Ronald McDonald Family Room
Children's MN, St. Paul
Adjacent to United Hospital
Ronald McDonald Family Room in Children's MN St. Paul kitchen

345 N Smith Ave. |  River Tower 3rd floor St. Paul, MN 55101
Parking and Arrival Instructions

Up to 3 volunteers
Ronald McDonald House
Northland, Duluth
Near Essentia Health in DULUTH
Ronald McDonald House Northland kitchen

503 East 3rd Street
Duluth, MN 55805

Parking and Arrival Instructions

Guidelines and FAQ 

Guidelines for the Day

 Please stay home if there is a chance you might be sick. All volunteers should be healthy and free of any flu-like symptoms, fever or exposure to any infectious disease. Families using RMHC-UM spaces have children with suppressed immune systems. Passing our wellness screening is an important component to your ability to volunteer.

 Volunteers in the kitchen should wear closed-toe shoes. No sandals or high heels. Long hair must also be pulled back – hair nets will be provided as needed or upon request. We will also provide gloves for all volunteers.

 All volunteers must register beforehand. We ask that you do not bring additional volunteers to exceed our maximum group size listed on the event.

 Meal group volunteers should always remain in the kitchen or dining room unless directed to by staff or accompanied by a tour guide.

 Volunteers may not enter a family’s room.

 Volunteers may not take responsibility for supervising, caring for, or being alone with any of the children at the House in the absence of a parent or guardian.

 Feel free to take photos! Out of respect for their privacy, pictures of RMH families are not permitted without their written consent.

There is no smoking or tobacco use permitted on Ronald McDonald House property.


My group would like to make a financial donation to prepare a meal planned by RMH? What will our experience be like?
  • Each meal typically consists of a salad or vegetable, protein, side dish, beverage and dessert. Fresh/seasonal ingredients will be used whenever possible.
  • If you are a former RMH family and have a special meal request related to your child that you would like to serve, please contact Taylor Olson.
  • Recipes, cooking utensils and ingredients will be ready for your group when you arrive at the House. Group members will be assigned various tasks to prepare the meal.
  • The meal will be served buffet style, with volunteers directly serving families.
How many people can be in my group?
  • RMH-Oak Street: Currently RMH-Oak Street can accommodate groups of up to 8 people.
  • RMH-Children’s Minneapolis: Currently the RMH inside Children’s Minneapolis can accommodate groups of up to 6 people.
  • All group members must register before their chosen date, and we ask that you do not exceed our approved group sizes. We will be unable to accommodate additional volunteers due to safety concerns.
  • Please note: All meal volunteers must be at least 14 years old, and all individuals between 14-17 years old must be supervised by an adult volunteer.
What is the time commitment?
Mealtimes may vary between each RMH location, but you can expect the serving time to be a one-hour window for each meal. For Dinners and Brunches, the entire shift will be 3.5-4 hours. For CFK @ Lunch, the commitment is 2 hours.
Will we be able to interact with families?
While the dining area will have many siblings and families enjoying the meal, please be aware that the majority of patients are inpatient or isolated in their rooms due to their treatment protocol. Please note: The Ronald McDonald House welcomes families from across the country and around the world, drawing guests from many different backgrounds. We welcome a variety of faiths and beliefs. Engaging in any type of religious solicitation is prohibited.
My group would really like to serve a meal, but we don’t have the budget to donate. How can we help?
We understand that not every group is able to make a financial donation to the meal program – we can still use your help! Email Becca to learn how you can serve RMH families.

Commitment Policy

Families consistently tell us that complimentary meals are the one thing they appreciate most about the Ronald McDonald House. To ensure we fulfill our promise of providing dinner every night and brunch on weekends, please review our Commitment Policy.

Meal groups that are unable to provide a committed meal with less than a 14-day notice will be asked to do one of the following:

  • Provide for a catered meal to be delivered to the site
  • Donate $200 or $500, to cover the cost of the meal
  • Immediately sign up for another meal

Parking and Arrival Instructions

RMH – Oak Street in Minneapolis
  • RMH-Oak St. is located adjacent to the U of M’s busy East Bank campus and parking is limited, so we strongly encourage carpooling. The U’s Oak Street Ramp is located just 1.5 blocks from the House – in addition, metered parking on Fulton Street may be available.
  • If you are bringing meal ingredients, pull into the semi-circle driveway at 621 Oak Street SE to drop off your items and then park your car(s).
  • All House doors are locked. Use the call box inside the door to identify yourself and be buzzed into the building. RMH staff will direct you from there.
RMH – Children's Minnesota in Minneapolis
  • Park in the Green Parking Ramp, which is connected to the hospital by skyway, is accessed via E. 26th Street, just west of Chicago Avenue.
  • After parking, take the ramp elevator or stairs to floor 2 and proceed through the skyway across Chicago Avenue to the hospital’s 2nd floor Welcome Desk.
  • Provide your ID to get a name badge and take the elevator to the Ronald McDonald House on the 3rd floor of the hospital.
  • Parking vouchers will be provided to all volunteers.
  • If you are dropping off food: Pull into the front roundabout of Children’s Hospital (2525 Chicago Avenue South), temporarily park your vehicle, enter the hospital and stop at the Welcome Desk to get a Visitor’s badge (Note: you will need a valid ID) and the RMH cart found adjacent to the Welcome Desk. Load your food on to the cart and have someone in your group bring it to RMH on the 3rd floor of the hospital while you park your car. After parking, proceed to RMH on the 3rd floor. Parking is available in both ramps attached to the hospital (Blue/Green ramps).
Family Room – Gillette Children's in St. Paul
  • Drive to the Regions Hospital/Gillette West Parking Ramp at 640 Jackson St., St. Paul 55101.
  • If you are dropping off items, proceed to Level D (the Gillette Entrance) and temporarily park your car(s) in the Valet Parking area.
  • Enter the hospital, stop at the Security Desk to be screened and receive a mask, and follow signs to the Ronald McDonald Family Room to retrieve a cart for your items.
  • After transporting your items, park your car on any level and return to Level D to enter the hospital.
  • Parking vouchers will be provided to all volunteers.
Family Room – Children's Minnesota in St. Paul
  • Park your car in the Red ramp just off the roundabout at the Mother Baby Center. Take the Red Ramp elevators to the 2nd floor. Turn right outside of the elevator and proceed to the Welcome Center where you’ll sign in (valid ID required). Tell staff you are here for the Ronald McDonald Family Room and they will direct you to the River Tower elevators. Proceed to the 3rd floor and turn left upon exiting the elevator.
  • If you are dropping off food: Pull into the roundabout at the Mother Baby Center (345 N. Smith Ave). You may leave your car there for 10-15 minutes. Sign in at the Welcome Center (note: you will need a valid ID). Unload your food on the provided cart and proceed to the 3rd floor of the River Tower, where the Ronald McDonald Family Room is located. Return to your car and park in the Red ramp.
  • Parking vouchers will be provided to all volunteers.
RMH Northland near Essentia Health in Duluth
  • Parking: You may park in the RMH-owned lot off the alley. Once you are parked, then you may call the house to request a cart or assistance. You will not need any parking voucher or validation.
  • Food Drop-Off: The day of your meal, please call 218.576.0865 and let the House Manager know your expected time of arrival, as well as any special requests (preheat ovens, etc). If you need assistance, or a cart, please call 218.576.0865 to have a staff member or volunteer assist you.